Executive Director’s Message

After loosing my son in 1989, I’ve dedicated my career to ensure that another family does not have to endure the pain that I’ve had to suffer.

Executive Director, Atlanta Victim Assistance

In response to that devastating loss I was moved to participate in the public policy debate around gun violence, victim rights and public safety. I founded MOMS, Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters, a volunteer-led organization dedicated to stopping the plague of violence in America’s communities.  Twenty years later, families who have suffered through homicide’s catastrophic loss, still join MOMs groups across the country to call an end to violence in our communities.

I’ve worked to build Atlanta Victim Assistance, Inc.; an agency that advocates for the fundamental rights of victims and witnesses of crime with compassion, dignity and respect. As Executive Director I’ve witnessed the police work hard to reduce crime. We are here, as partners and advocates, to provide comprehensive services that help survivors to demystify the criminal justice system and offer support that can reduce severe emotional stress.

While crime is sadly a fixture in our daily lives, thankfully there are also advocates who work to foster a healthy transition from victim to victor. Your participation helps to ensure that victims of crime have access to highly-qualified, professional and volunteer staff to usher families through the aftermath of violent crime.