Victims’ Rights

WE STAND firm for Victims’ Rights


As a victim of crime, or a family member of a victim, you have many rights designed to assure that you and your interests are protected before, during and after the court proceedings in your case.

Since 1995, the State of Georgia has recognized a duty to victims injured as a result of criminal activity.  These public responsibilities are explained in the Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights [O.C.G.A. 17-17-1 C16] and hinge on a victim’s willingness to provide essential information throughout the justice process.  Download more about Georgia’s Victims Bill of Rights. Some of these rights are:

  • designate an immediate relative to act on your behalf
  • receive prompt telephone notification of the release of the accused
  • compensation for certain expenses related to your victimization
  • access to available community based victim service programs
  • information regarding the steps in the criminal case
  • notification prior to any hearing involving the release of the accused
  • express your opinion on the pending release of the accused
  • confidentiality involving the release of your personal information
  • express your opinions regarding the disposition of the case